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Certified Alcohol Handler

Alcohol Certifications can help lower insurance premiums for your restaurant. This training will allow you to understand and learn your liability and responsibility regarding alcohol service, handling intoxicated guests, and also a review of NJ A.B.C code.

Certified Food Handler

According to the updated FDA Food Code A.L.E.R.T of 2013 all food workers are required to have food safety training that includes regular practices and procedures to prevent the spread of food borne illnesses.

Food Safety Manager Certification

New law requires that each business has at least one Certified Food Protection Manager. This manager shall demonstrate knowledge of food borne prevention

Food Safety Modernization Act (F.S.M.A.)

Protect your brand! Be in compliance with USDA /FDA Food Safety Implementation training and the Food Safety Program. Bring your product to the market with FDA USDA approval labels.

HACCP / Quality Assurance Audits

Written processes are very important for monitoring, correcting and verifying the Food Safety System. It is an important tool that can be used for training, safety, quality assurance, and improve communication within your operation.

Hazard Communication Industry Standards

Safety Food Services has developed a unique training program. This training program will provide a greater understanding and knowledge of the Food Hazard Communication Standard and it will introduce the Preventing Sexual